The Benefits of Waterlase Dentistry

by | Nov 22, 2021

If fear of the dentist has kept you from seeking the care you need, Waterlase dentistry treatment offers reluctant patients a new approach to dental procedures that tackles some of their biggest worries. At Ashland Dental and Wellness, we want our patients to feel safe and comfortable when visiting our office. This ensures they can get proper care for a healthy smile and better overall quality of life. That’s why we have implemented Waterlase dentistry, one of the most advanced treatments available for helping patients with issues like cavities, gum disease, and other painful or potentially embarrassing issues.

How Does Waterlase Dentistry Work?

Waterlase dentistry is a patented technology that utilizes light energy and water to perform complex and extremely precise treatment. This treatment is used to target problem areas in your gums and teeth. Procedures that use Waterlase are far less invasive than traditional techniques, reducing time in the dental chair and recovery time. This gentle technique is proven to:

  • Cause less trauma to the teeth and gums
  • Gently treat problem areas in the gums and teeth to reduce or eliminate pain
  • Speed up recovery time
  • Reduce visits for certain procedures by allowing more treatments in a single trip
  • Reduce or eliminate use of anesthetics
  • Shorten treatment time
  • Provide a more calming experience for patients of all ages

With so many benefits, it is not surprising that more patients are requesting Waterlase dentistry for a variety of procedures. Below you will find a brief look at some of the many options this state-of-the-art treatment can provide.

How Can Waterlase Dentistry Help You?

The uses for Waterlase Dentistry are growing constantly. There are more than 80 unique problems this technology has helped resolve and dentists constantly find innovative ways to use it in their practices. These solutions range from soft tissue treatment to bone and surgical indications. Waterlase is a versatile treatment for patients who want precision dental care that is as convenient and pain-free as possible. While 80+ treatment options is certainly an amazing feat, we’ll share the most common ways we have used Waterlase to help our patients.

Improve Your Smile

When we talk about complete health at Ashland Dental and Wellness, that includes your emotional well-being and self-confidence. Patients who are unhappy with their smile often limit how they interact with others to hide their teeth. Many patients say it can impact their personal and professional lives. Waterlase can help correct some common issues, with a focus on the appearance of your gums, in particular.

Do you feel that you have a smile that is “too gummy” or teeth that appear too large or out of place? Careful contouring of the gums with dental lasers and gentle water can

Remove Oral Growths

Waterlase Dentistry doesn’t just benefit cosmetic improvements, it is also an advanced dental tool used for correcting more challenging issues. Waterlase can remove oral skin tags, remove barriers to an unerupted tooth, and eliminate any other excess tissue in your mouth. The procedure is safe, exact, and effective in resolving oral growths of all kinds.

Prevent Gum Recession and Correct Tongue Ties

One of the most exciting treatments that Waterlase can provide is to help correct tongue ties in patients of all ages. Tongue ties can cause a variety of problems for children in particular, from difficulty latching on during breastfeeding to speech impediments and speech delays. One of the biggest benefits of using Waterlase on these issues is that they have a much easier recovery process than other more invasive procedures.

Waterlase can also correct gum recession, a common problem that occurs when the gum line shifts back from the teeth. Recession causes painful sensitivity if it exposes nerves or other parts of the teeth that are normally protected.

Treat Cavities

If dental drills are preventing you from getting the care you need with tooth pain, Waterlase may offer a solution. The procedure can remove decay and bacteria in the affected tooth without pressure or heat. Anesthetics are typically reduced or eliminated for this form of treatment, which means patients spend less time in the chair. If you have a cavity you’ve been putting off treating, give our office a call to find out if you are a candidate for this alternative.

Treat Periodontal Disease

Earlier, we noted how Waterlase technology can prevent gum recession. One cause of gum recession is periodontal disease and laser dentistry is incredible at treating the underlying causes. Treatment removes bacteria and debris from between your teeth and gums, resolving issues such as bleeding and pain and even preventing tooth loss. If your gum disease has gotten particularly severe, ask us about REPAIR™. It is a minimally invasive periodontal treatment that can help reverse the course of gum disease.

Dentistry for Kids

Waterlase is an amazing advancement in providing dentistry for kids, because it is gentle, fast, and much kinder. For children who fear going to the dentist, laser dentistry offers a new approach to treating cavities, frenectomies, and tongue-ties. Recovery time after these procedures is less painful and takes less time than traditional dental treatment for these issues. That translates into a less traumatic experience for kids — and for worried parents, too!

These are just a few of the options available with Waterlase Dentistry. To learn more about how Waterlase treatment can reduce pain, speed recovery and decrease dental visits and time in the chair, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (708) 755-1333. We would love to help you!