An Easy Step for a Healthier Life

Juice Plus+ helps you bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat for healthy living.

Enjoy delicious flavors

Don’t stress about prep

Feel better from the inside out

High Quality Nutrition for High Quality Living

Give your body the care and nutrition it deserves today to start living your best life, for the rest of your life.

Healthy woman eating

Improve your mood

Nutrition plays a serious role in your mood and emotional stability.

Man and woman exercising

Have more energy

Avoid energy bursts and crashes, and feel more consistently awake all day.

Woman drinking shake

Feel better all around

Give your body what it needs to perform at your optimum level in every way.

Healthy Starts at Home

Empower your family with an easy step to make healthier choices every single day. From delicious gummies to satisfying shakes, Juice Plus+ has something for everyone in your family.


Complete Shakes

More than a protein shake, Complete Shakes are tasty, easy on-the-go plant protein shakes that are also an excellent source of fiber and prebiotics.


Vitamin Capsules

Delivering a unique blend of 30 different fruits, vegetables, and berries, these capsules support cardiovascular wellness, the immune system, healthy lung function, and healthy skin and gums.

(Hate swallowing capsules? They also come as yummy gummies!)


Complete Bars

Providing both excellent fiber and protein, these bars are not only delicious but convenient for high-quality, on-the-go nutrition.

Omega Blend

Omega Blend

These Omega Blend capsules are rare in that the Omega-3 fatty acids are completely vegan. They contribute to heart health, brain function, and normal vision.



A unique protein shake developed to optimize your workout routine, Perform supports mental focus, energy, muscle growth and bone health so you can improve your physical activity along with your nutrition.

Woman eating healthy

Welcome to your healthier lifestyle.

Whole body health starts with your mouth—how you take care of it and what you put in it. JuicePlus+ is the easy way to start making healthier choices today.