Great Gums and Teeth from the Inside Out

by | Aug 31, 2021

You may never read the Journal of Clinical Periodontology but if you have gum disease, you probably know what your dentist and/or periodontist is talking about when she references “pockets.”

Of course, there are pockets of air and pockets in your favorite jeans. But the pockets referenced here are the spaces below the gumline where bacteria grow, especially when one’s gums are receding. The journal states, “juice powder concentrates appear to improve initial pocket depth reductions” and other studies have shown these concentrates also can help improve gum health while reducing bleeding.

If you know you’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables (be honest) Juice Plus+ has vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants to help maintain whole body health.

At Ashland, you can get Juice Plus+ to start this healing from the inside out. 

Confusing messages about your health

We have partnered with Juice Plus+ because they cut through the noise. After 25 years, their products hinge on the “One Simple Change” philosophy. When we set big goals, they may feel too much to tackle or we may hit a wall and get discouraged when we can’t seem to change every single habit at once. Making smaller, more manageable changes—like getting more fruits and vegetables in your diet by using Juice Plus+—is a more sustainable way to build on your success.

Nothing comes close to the benefits of eating fresh fruit and veggies, of course. But Juice Plus+ capsules, which are made from over 30 different fruits, vegetables, and berries along with other plant ingredients, come very close. Of course, using them as an addition to a healthy diet is ideal. However, these products are supported by research—more than 40 independent clinical studies, to be exact—that have been published by hospitals and universities in peer-reviewed journals. 

Why nutritional supplements—at the dentist?

Ashland Dental cares for the whole person. The philosophy of Complete Health guides everything we do. Why wouldn’t it help you find ways to augment your health using scientifically proven products? Our Complete Health approach allows us to treat chronic asymptomatic inflammation that has been shown to cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and even dementia.

Best of all, you will be able to act right away once you understand the connection between oral and your overall health. We can:

  • Design your smile using the best technology so you can get out of the chair and start living your best life, confidently
  • Do an at-home sleep study for kids and adults that can uncover looming health issues before they become chronic—or yes—deadly
  • Figure out if your bleeding gums are more than just a nuisance
  • Identify if you’re a good candidate for Juice Plus+ supplements and coach you on how to use them
  • Help you make a treatment plan for long-standing issues that you can live with—and pay for with our KLEER dental insurance program
  • Partner with your healthcare provider to ensure you have a 360-degree view of not just your oral health and wellness but a roadmap to improve your complete health and wellness.

It’s okay. You can stop being nervous about the dentist. We have 50 years of experience in helping patients stop dealing with pain and frustration and start living life with a smile. We are committed to you becoming healthier than ever and will guide you to the best options—whether it’s a sleep study, a nutritional supplement, a thorough cleaning, or periodontal relief.  We have the expertise you need to begin to heal—from the inside out. But don’t worry we will also give you a smile you can be proud of and a comfort level you won’t believe during minimally invasive treatments that won’t maximally drain your savings. Call us at 708-755-1333 to get started.