A Better Way to Pay

The Ashland Dental & Wellness Membership plan makes paying for oral care simple and affordable.

Whole body health starts with your mouth

How you take care of it and what you put in it. We offer an insurance-alternative to make sure you can care for your health the way you need to.


Includes cleanings, exams, and routine x-rays


Exclusive discounts off other procedures


Benefits start immediately and membership runs for 12 months

Stop Hassling with Dental Insurance Plans

It’s common knowledge: dental insurance plans rarely live up to their promises. Not only do you have to deal with deductibles and waiting periods, but you also have to worry about pre-approvals for the care you know you need. Choose a better way to pay.

Escape Pre-Approvals

Get the care you and your dentist know you need, not just the care your insurance decides to approve you for.

Dodge Denials of Claim

Never again experience that sinking feeling of hearing you’re fully responsible for the procedure you thought insurance would cover.

Skip the waiting period

You want to be proactive about your health—now you can be, instead of waiting for approval as your problem gets slowly worse. 

Choose the Care Plan That’s Right for You

Whether you’re retired or a small business owner, employed without dental insurance, or the dental insurance option is just too costly for your family, we have an option that will work for you.

Live Life Smiling

The Ashland Dental & Membership plan is here to help.